The Westerman 6

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Post Christmas

Its all done and over with. The presents unwrapped, the house is a mess, kids are fighting over who got what. I would say all in all its been a good Christmas. The kids got a Wii system this year and it has actually turned out to be a good investment I think. They have enjoyed it like crazy already and chores get done in a hurry already....I wonder how long that will really last. They actually have to be active with the game in order to play it and that makes me happy on these cold days that they cannot go outside that they can keep themselves entertained instead of trying to entertain me with messes to clean as quick as they can make them. It was a good Christmas for them and though they didnt get everything they wanted, I think the game satisfied them beyond their wildest dreams for this year and that was easier on the pocket book of course. Happy Holidays to you all....

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