The Westerman 6

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Controlled By the Wii

ok so here we are 2 days post christmas and we are controlled by the Wii...but we are having so much fun that 4 controllers arent enough for all of us to play....we seem to have a problem with what game we are playing lately and Haley doesnt seem to share well first it was ok but now not so well.....Tanner is a total gamer now and all he wants to do is play and it has to be some tank game of blowing tanks up...its pretty neat and the kids are very active with it. Its fun to watch them bowl and run through the living room to "throw the ball" its very comical...they are learning fast, made their Mii's and playing it up....well Peyton is running fever so we are headed off to watch Ratatouille...had to shut the game down for a while we were having some popcorn and a movie it is tonight.....

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