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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Branson 2010

Well we finally decided to take the kids on their first real family vacation. We have been patiently waiting for this till all the kids were old enough to remember them. So poor Haley has had to wait till she was almost 14 to begin vacations. She has had a few on her own but none with the whole family. So this year we decided for our first outing Branson would be far enough from home to have fun yet be close enough that well we werent to far from home :)

We spent a week in Branson Missouri with the kids and there were days that I just wanted to come back home but all in all the vacation turned out to be a nice one. The kids had tons of fun and are actually ready to go back.

Haley's highlight of the trip was the Dinosaur Museum-I found this extremely corny-but she was more than happy. She bought a shirt and a necklace and took some pictures and overall she had fun.Her other happy moment was a stop at the precious moments chapel in Carthage, Missouri. She bought some stuff there too. She really like it there.

Brandon's highlight was the Titanic Museum. He has been waiting to go thru this museum for almost a year. He was so excited when we got there that I was actually shocked. He made his way thru and looked at all the history involved with the actual ship and accident and there were even a few recovered items from the ship there and he was just thrilled. They have actually rebuilt the grand stairway inside to specs and he just about died when he found out this information and got to walk up them he even became more excited. For him that was just a complete moment of utter happiness for him. I couldnt have been happier to let him go thru a museum and just be in total aww.

Tanner-now this kid totally surprised me. His thrilling moment was the night we went to the Dixie Stampede Dinner and Show! He had so much fun there that every moment he found a chance he would turn to me and whisper "Mom this is the greatest night ever!" He told me this about 6 times thruout the show. He loved the food and the show and everything that went along with it. The pre-show was a juggling act and he even loved that. The atmosphere and the dinner and horses and flags just made his night. He was able to hoot and holler and just have a ball of fun. I was so happy everytime I got his little whisper of uncontrolable happiness.

Peyton-where do I begin with him. Silver Dollar City... that was his moment of complete overwhelming joy. He rode all kinds of Roller Coasters in our 2 1/2 days there. ALL the water rides and then returned to the Roller Coasters. I now have 2 more roller coaster addicts on the family list. My dad, me, tanner and Peyton. Peyton rode the biggest coaster there called the Powder Keg. He went over and over and over again. He was tall enough to go with an adult but not without one yet. Tanner too. But Peyton would grab any willing adult and haul them into line with or without a true willingness to get on :) He had so much fun on that ride and would have rode it all day had we let him :)

Grandma and Grandpa Holmes went with us on this vacation. We really enjoyed having them with us this trip. They have just as much fun as the kids and Papa well he's a super fun blast on the rides. He is just as young at heart as the rest of us. Grandma rides one ride called the Wildfire but sometimes she can be a stick in the mud. We all had fun tho.

Justin finally rode his first big Roller Coaster on this vacation. Only because I was rude and called him a wimp and used some other choice words. As his 7 year old son was begging him to ride with him.  He had such a rush on that ride. He rode it again and that was enough for one day he said. the fear is apparent on his face LOL!

We Had a really nice time with our kids this year. Who knows where our adventures will take us next year.
But be watching for Summer 2012-A trip of a lifetime is being planned for them!

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