The Westerman 6

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Mixed Emotions

Ok so the emotions were running deep when it came time for Tylar to move. Haley & Tylar have forever been very close. They hang out together, go to the same school, they are best buds. But on the plus side we got to see Shaelyn for just a short while. She has gotten so big. Shaelyn and Tylar are both taller than me now but thats ok. Shaelyn is so pretty when she wants to be. She only gets ugly when she opens her mouth which is all the time. She is a pistol that is for sure. Though we will all miss Tylar dearly its a good move for him. So they did hang out at our house and I got some good pics of the kids that I will share. So here are some pics of Debbie, Eric, and all the kids at one point or another...They all turned out well....

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